Camp St. Francis will be held at St. Dorothy’s Rest, an Episcopal camp and retreat facility, nestled in the Redwood forest of Camp Meeker, just outside of Occidental, California, in Sonoma County.

Campers meet at Church of the Resurrection in Pleasant Hill, California, before they travel by bus to camp.

All meals and snacks are prepared at camp by our volunteer kitchen staff. We are indeed sensitive of food allergies, as long as arrangements are made ahead of time. Please contact our Registrar for more information.

A staff member certified in First-Aid acts as medic and remains on duty and on site during the week of camp. In addition to a Medic, a lifeguard certified in waterfront safety monitors all lakefront activity. If a problems arises in which a Hospital is needed, there is one located 5 miles away, as well as a Fire Department less than 1 mile away.

This site offers indoor dormitory sleeping in bunks with mattresses provided. Campers are grouped together by age and supervised by their counseling staff.

Our counseling staff takes care of most camper needs around the clock. Whether it's double checking they have their warm jackets, water bottles, bug spray, or sun screen; most importantly staff always promote a healthy hygiene regimen, while away at camp.

Program Staff are responsible for developing pre-camp programs and lesson plans for all camper age groups and interest levels. These staff along with our program assistants, help in teaching special program skills and understanding to campers, as they progress throughout the week.

Our staff are screened via background checks, and trained in program, safety awareness, and youth protection.

Camp Saint Francis 2016
Sunday, July 31st to August 5th
Open to Campers 8-13 and Staff 14 & up


Fees/Additional Forms due July 15th
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