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Camp Saint Francis a week long overnight camp for campers ages 7-13. Held at Saint Dorothy’s Rest, a retreat center operated by the Episcopal Diocese of California. The setting is in a dense redwood forest within hiking distance of the Pacific Ocean.
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Campers are transported by bus between camp and the Church of the Resurrection, in Pleasant Hill, California.
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Camp Saint Francis 2016
Sunday, July 31st to August 5th
Open to Campers 8-13 and Staff 14 & up


Fees/Additional Forms due July 15th
A certified First-Aider is in camp. This is in addition to a lifeguard who is certified for water and swimming program. And just in case, there are medical facilities available in nearby Occidental, Sebastopol, and Santa Rosa.

Most of our staff are volunteers and attended camp as campers, and they are dedicated to providing a highly spirited, fun, and welcoming environment. We all strive to be good role models of the Christian way of life. We hope that our positive example and loving Christian environment promotes campers to grow spiritually.

The Scarf program, adopted from the YMCA’s ragger program, teaches campers important life skills, by taking on personal challenges and working towards overcoming them successfully. Ultimately, this helps develop lifelong tools a camper needs for personal growth.
* Staff members are screened and trained in program, policies, and safety awarenes.

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